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pH Indicator and test papers


pH Indicator and test papers​

WhatmanTM pH indicator and test papers combine ease of use with exceptional accuracy and consistency. The convenience of using indicator papers for the rapid determination of pH values has led to many applications in laboratories and industry.
  • Features and benefits
  • Instant pH readings
  • Accurate for a wide range of routine pH testing
  • Inexpensive
  • Convenient and portable for field use

Acid-alkali test papers

These easy-to-use test papers facilitate a general test for acid or alkaline reaction. The change occurs around pH 5-8. They are particularly recommended for educational use.

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Whatman™ Price List 2021

Cat. NosDescriptionMRP INR
2613-991PH IND pH 0-14 6x80MM 100/PK2360
2614-991PH IND pH 4.5-10 6X80MM 100/PK2360
2612-990PH IND pH 1-12 11x100MM 200/PK4520
2626-990PH IND pH1.8-3.8 11x100MM200PK3930
2627-990PH IND pH3.8-5.5 11x100MM200PK3930
2628-990PH IND pH5.2-6.8 11x100MM200PK3930
2629-990PH IND pH6-8.1 11x100MM 200/PK3930
2630-990PH IND pH8-9.7 11x100MM 200/PK3930
2631-990PH IND pH9.5-12 11x100MM 200PK3760
2611-628PH IND pH 1-11 10MMx5M 1/RL3060
2600-100APH IND pH 1-14 7MMx5M 1/RL1320
2600-101APH IND pH 0.5-5.5 7MMx5M 1/RL1880
2600-102APH IND pH 4-7 7MMx5M 1/RL1880
2600-103APH IND pH 6.4-8 7MMx5M 1/RL1910
2600-104APH IND pH 8-10 7MMx5M 1/RL1880
2600-500PH IND pH 1-11 10×10/PK11270
2600-201ALITMUS PAPER BLUE 7MMx5M 1/RL1880
2600-202ALITMUS PAPER RED 7MMx5M 1/RL1880
2600-601LITMUS PAPER BLUE 10×20/PK7800
2600-602LITMUS PAPER RED 10×20/PK7800

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