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Filter Papers

Pyramid and Quadrant Fold

Ready-to-use paper solutions

Pyramid and Quadrant Fold

WhatmanTM filtration solutions from Cytiva offers folded filter papers in ready to use formats to support your application needs, saving valuable time and providing ease of use when undertaking repetitive or multiple analysis.

Customized formats

WhatmanTM qualitative and quantitative grades are now available in new convenient formats. The pre-folded paper is offered in pyramid format, diameter, and grade to support your application needs. There are various stacking and packaging options available to suit customer needs. Customized

Product Info


Valuable time savings:

Savings in time required to fold circles to fit conical filter funnels

Decreased overall filtration time:

Because of the extra surface area exposed; the normal slowdown of filtration
speed due to the loading of particulate is postponed

Ease of use:

Pre-folded pyramid filter papers are made available in stacks for easy handling during repetitive/multiple analyses

More loading capacity:

Increased total loading capacity as more filter area is available


Save on the cost by eliminating wastage of filter papers while cutting out filter papers to fit conical

Results: The pyramid fold does not significantly affect any of the technical data and the same figures may be used
for the flat circles

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Whatman™ Price List 2021

Cat. Nos Description MRP INR
10380404 1 FF Quadrant 110MM 500/PK 7030
10380405 1 FF Quadrant 125MM 500/PK 7740
10380406 1 FF Quadrant 150MM 500/PK 8440
10380004 40 FF Quadrant 110MM 500/PK 11260
10380005 40 FF Quadrant 125MM 500/PK 14070
10380006 40 FF Quadrant 150MM 500/PK 16180
10380204 41 FF Quadrant 110MM 500/PK 11260
10380205 41 FF Quadrant 125MM 500/PK 14070
10380206 41 FF Quadrant 150MM 500/PK 16180
10334348 0858 FF Quadrant 185MM 100/PK 5920

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