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Filter Papers

Quantitative filter papers - Hardened low ash grades

Filter Papers

Quantitative filter papers - Hardened low ash grades

The maximum ash content of these grades is intermediate between ashless and qualitative grades. They are particularly suitable for Büchner filtrations where it is desirable to recover the precipitate from the filter surface after filtration. Other characteristics include high wet strength and chemical resistance, which are similar to the acid hardened ashless filter papers.

Whatman™ quantitative filters are designed for gravimetric analysis and the preparation of samples for instrument analysis. They are available in three formats designed for specific requirements.

 0.015% ash nominal—treated with a strong acid to remove trace metals and produce high
wet strength and chemical resistance. These filters are particularly suitable for Büchner filtration where the
tough, smooth surface of the filter makes it easy to recover precipitates. 

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Grade 50 (2.7 μm*)

Retention of very fine crystalline precipitates. The thinnest of all WhatmanTM filter papers with a slow flow rate, these filters have a hardened and highly glazed surface, which also keeps the paper free from loose surface fibers. Highly suitable for qualitative or quantitative filtrations requiring vacuum assistance on Büchner or 3-piece filter funnels. Very strong when wet and will withstand wet handling and precipitate removal by scraping. In the electronics industry, the virtual absence of fiber shedding is utilized in carriers for integrated circuits.
This grade is also available in Smear Tab format for wipe testing (e.g. testing of surfaces for radionuclide

Grade 52 (7 μm*)

The general purpose hardened filter paper with medium retention and flow rate. Very hard surface.

Grade 54 (22 μm*)

Very fast filtration and high wet strength makes this grade very suitable for vacuum assisted fast filtration of difficult
coarse or gelatinous precipitates.

* Particle retention rating at 98% efficiency

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Whatman™ Price List 2021

Cat. Nos Description MRP INR
1450-042 GR 50 4.25CM 100/PK 2440
1450-055 GR 50 5.5CM 100/PK 2300
1450-070 GR 50 7CM 100/PK 2650
1450-090 GR 50 9CM 100/PK 3320
1450-110 GR 50 11CM 100/PK 5010
1450-125 GR 50 12.5CM 100/PK 5310
1450-150 GR 50 15CM 100/PK 7720
1450-185 GR 50 18.5CM 100/PK 11420
1450-240 GR 50 24CM 100/PK 19480
1450-294 GR 50 294MM 500/PK 81480
1450-320 GR 50 32CM 100/PK 30130
1450-916 GR 50 15x23CM 100/PK 20510

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