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Seed Germination Testing Papers

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Seed Germination Testing Papers

Seed testing papers are made from pure cellulose without any additives and do not contain any substances which could influence the growth of the seeds. The constant water absorption of the papers ensures the continuous provision of the required amount of water.

The contrast of the color seed testing papers makes evaluation easier, particularly for seeds with fine white rootlets or under artificial light. This makes work easier, improves the results, and saves time. The dyes used have been thoroughly investigated and have no influence on the growth of the seeds.

Seed testing papers are available for both the pleated paper (PP) method and the top of paper (TP) method.

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Grade 597, 598

Small seeds (e.g. grasses, flowers)

Grade 3014, 3236

Medium-large and coated seeds (e.g. sugar beet, fodder beet, grain, sunflower, rapeseed, mustard)

Grade 3014

Particularly sensitive seeds

Grade 3645

Seeds with small white rootlets

* Particle retention rating at 98% efficiency

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Whatman™ Price List 2021

Cat. Nos DescriptionMRP INR
103446723014 110x20MM 1000/PK PLS W/O201690
103446763014 110x20MM 1000/PK PLS W224300

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