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Membrane Filter​

Track-etched polycarbonate membranes

Membrane Filter

Track-etched polycarbonate membranes

We manufacture Whatman™ track-etched membranes using proprietary technology to produce a precision membrane filter with closely controlled pore size distribution.

These membranes include Cyclopore™ polycarbonate, Nuclepore™ polycarbonate, chemotaxis membranes, black polycarbonate, and polycarbonate membranes for cell culture.

Product Info

Cyclopore™ polycarbonate membranes

Membranes are produced from a pure polymeric film and give exceptional chemical cleanliness. They are free of contaminants, have low tare weight, minimum water adsorption, and very low levels of nonspecific protein binding. The polycarbonate membranes are hydrophilic and are available in a choice of diameters and pore sizes.

Black Cyclopore™ membranes are excellent for epifluorescence and other microscopy applications requiring a contrasting background. The polycarbonate membrane is used to filter the sample and is then used directly for analysis. The dark membrane gives lower background fluorescence and improves the sensitivity of the test.

Features and benefits

  • Low affinity for stains provides higher optical contrast, making visibility under a microscope easy.
  • True surface capture provides easy examination of samples and short analysis times.
  • Totally transparent membranes are available.
  • For the analysis of cell migration toward a chemical stimulus
  • Thin and uniform; cylindrical pores facilitate rapid cell migration

Nuclepore™ polycarbonate membranes

Nuclepore™ track-etched polycarbonate membranes are manufactured from high-quality polycarbonate film and have sharply defined pore sizes, high flow rates, and excellent chemical and thermal resistance. The membranes have a smooth flat surface and exhibit very low levels of extractables.

Nuclepore™ black dyed polycarbonate membranes are high performance membranes suited for applications using epifluorescence microscopy. Black membranes greatly reduce background fluorescence, which results in improved microorganism and particulate visibility.

Features and benefits

  • Low protein binding and low extractables, minimizing sample contamination
  • High chemical resistance and good thermal stability for a wide range of samples
  • Low, consistent ash and tare weights
  • Smooth flat surface for good visibility of particles

Check out the price

Whatman™ Price List 2021

Cat. NosDescriptionMRP INR
10417701CYL PC 13MM 0.4uM 100/PK11910
7060-2501CYL PC 25MM 0.1uM 100/PK8530
10417606CYL PC 25MM 0.2uM 100/PK13950
7063-2502CYL PC BL 25MM 0.2uM 100/PK11640
10417706CYL PC 25MM 0.4uM 100/PK11910
7063-2504CYL PC BL 25MM 0.4uM 100/PK10600
7060-2511CYL PC 25MM 2.0uM 100/PK9680
7060-2513CYL PC 25MM 5.0uM 100/PK10500
7062-2513CYL PC CLR 25MM 5.0uM 100/PK12340
7060-2514CYL PC 25MM 8.0uM 100/PK9840
10418552CYL PC 25MM 12.0uM 100/PK12240
7060-4701CYL PC 47MM 0.1uM 100/PK17260
10417612CYL PC 47MM 0.2uM 100/PK22860
7063-4702CYL PC BL 47MM 0.2uM 100/PK19030
10417712CYL PC 47MM 0.4uM 100/PK22860
7060-4710CYL PC 47MM 1.0uM 100/PK16930
7091-4710CYL PC CLEAR 47MM 1.0uM 100/PK19360
7060-4712CYL PC 47MM 3.0uM 100/PK16600
7060-4713CYL PC 47MM 5.0uM 100/PK16600
7060-4714CYL PC 47MM 8.0uM 100/PK17990
10418450CYL PC 47MM 10.0uM 100/PK21080
10418550CYL PC 47MM 12.0uM 100/PK23420

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