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Filtration Devices

All-in-one filters and filter vials

Filtration Devices

All-in-one filters and filter vials

WhatmanTM all-in-one syringeless filters and filter vials are preassembled, convenient filtration devices for removing particulates from samples. They replace syringe-coupled filtration devices with a single disposable unit, making sample preparation easier, faster, and more efficient.

The WhatmanTM Mini-UniPrepTM preassembled filtration device consists of a 0.4 mL capacity chamber and a plunger. The plunger contains a filtration membrane at one end and a preattached cap and septum at the other. The plunger is pressed through the sample in the outer chamber and positive pressure forces the filtrate into the reservoir of the plunger. Air escapes through the vent hole until the locking ring is engaged, providing an air-tight seal. Within seconds, the WhatmanTM Mini-UniPrepTM can be placed into any autosampler able to contain 2 mL vials for injection into your instrument.

The WhatmanTM Mini-UniPrepTM device is designed to fit into any autosampler accommodating 12 × 32 mm vials. Alternatively, the septum can be pierced with a needle and the sample drawn off for manual injection into an analyzer.

A variety of Mini-UniPrepTM filters to meet your needs

  • Amber WhatmanTM Mini-UniPrepTM is available for customers who need to filter light-sensitive samples.
  • Slit septa WhatmanTM Mini-UniPrepTM is available for customers using robotics to maximize throughput.

Check out the price

Whatman™ Price List 2021

Cat. Nos DescriptionMRP INR
UN203NPENYLMUP 0.2uM NYL 100/PK14620
UN503NPENYLMUP 0.2uM NYL 1000/PK174670
UN203NPUNYLMUP 0.45uM NYL 100/PK14170
UN503NPUNYLMUP 0.45uM NYL 1000/PK 126580

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